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  • Todd Wooten

Storage Unit

I am not trying to claim a place

I am trying to empty one

this warehouse bursting with inventory

that was not bought, still I have paid

geez, I am not claustrophobic

but can I claim an inch, maybe a foot

to spin in circles, to breath

without this refuse groping me

get off, find your own landfill

stop cramming your shit here

scattered contents dried in cement

family movies, photo books, tape recordings

if I crawl into this labyrinth I fear

I will never find the exit sign again

sure, instruct me to fight the darkness

light a candle or your own flashlight

sage advice, the brick shattered

windows will devour the beams

all these antiques buried long ago

forgotten had they not been stored

crank the jackhammer

crack the floor

load the trailers

chuck the waste

before this belly built for utility

closes its mouth to swallow me

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