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  • Todd Wooten

Six Days in the Behavioral Unit

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Where do you see yourself in five years?

standard question, no grounds for panic

enjoy this week long vacation, no shoestrings or belt

two years back, the nurse handed me

green capsules while the borderline girl

battered the payphone out of the wall

all-inclusive, a Jamaican resort

group play, three meals, and a television room

where commercials listed our med's side effects

can I do two more? can I make it to four?

how do you tolerate half a decade?

the prompt stumps me with eight words

days divide in thirds, you have to sleep

you have to work, the remainder is yours

life located in the leftovers

stacking my pills in piles

whiskey in the fridge, fired from sobriety

journal pages thirsty for ink

the question still stings like

alcohol swabs on these cuts

when crayons and markers were my instruments

comical handouts on safety, declared reformed

free to leave the ten bed dorm

clothes and books packed, lugging all I brought in

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