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  • Todd Wooten

If Only I Could Disappear

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Carpet burns from the closet floor.

Icy drafts from darkened vents.

High heels a protective moat.

I tremble deep within my makeshift fortress.

Guarded by pillows and family quilts.

Cracked light streams through crevices.

I plead to the hinges and lock

like a General rousing his troops.

Hold! Hold! I shout to my

inch and three quarter wooden shield.

Voices murmur. Footsteps approach.

Knuckles thud. The knob twists.

In the ninety-degree angle

no further retreat.

Clothes tussle my hair

from dull, plastic hangers.

Fist tighten, eyes widen

through explosive heartbeats.

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