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  • Todd Wooten

How I Became A Reader

1988, Frasier Crane reads to a bar room crowd “It is a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done.” Cliff, Norm, Carla and I hang on every word “It is a far, far better butt kicking I give, than I have ever butt kicked.” found out days later he misquoted Sidney Carton but I owe a debt to Glen and Les Charles for introducing me to Dickens and my favorite novel 1997, Mel Gibson purchases Catcher in the Rye “I have to buy one to feel normal.” conspiracy theories shared with Julia Roberts “If I don’t see one, I have to find one to buy.” Jerry Fletcher never read it, but I did start to end almost put a hole in the wall when I flung it across the room, pissed off, like when I heard Mel talk domestic abuse and Jews 1998, Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan! “Confession: I have read Pride and Prejudice two hundred times.” Kathleen Kelly, I have some teenage confessions to share “Read it. I know you’ll love it!” I would do anything you said, and I did enjoy the book the one time it was read Tom Hanks, we connected once in the flick “Elizabeth Bennett……she was too proud. Or was she too prejudiced and Mr. Darcy too proud? I can’t remember.” Neither could I.

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