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  • Todd Wooten


Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Laser guided missle

dropped from an unmanned drone.

Quaint skies become Armageddon.

Manmade meteor explodes

leaving cratered remains.

Corporate not personal.

Divorced from warriors

perfumed with evaporated sweat

and caked blood. Eye to eye combat.

Their victim's contorted face

flickers out with their family lineage.

Gruesome memory stored.

Purple medal

packed in a suitcase.

The red-carpet hero returns.

Living legend

born from sanctioned murder.

Cementer of a bullied peace.

Fleeing from corpse filled nightmares.

Cinema of technicolor flashbacks.

Victim living vicariously.

Flash forward to terminal screens

monitored by militarized poets.

Striking keyboards, deleting coordinates.

Plastic mannequins dismembered.

High fives in air conditioned offices.

Ending in mindless, suburban sleep.

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