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  • Todd Wooten

Formative Moments

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

I was formed in this studio.
Crafted with care over months.
Taking the form of a boy
with piercing, corkscrew hair.
Caressing a wounded arm.
Poised to dodge an unseen attack.

Indebted to the one who circles me.
Cataloging my every defect.
Exposed in the track lighting.
Unable to speak in my defense.
Why do you aim the chisel
at your masterpiece?

Belted by a hammer blow.
Sections of me crumble
to the exhibition floor.
Devalued with every strike.
Unable to evade the assault.
My innocence in ruins.

Your outrage subsides
as mine germinates.
Hardened by the flogging.
Fixed gaze as you exit.
Stone cold in this mausoleum.
A statue.

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