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  • Todd Wooten

Dueling Obituaries

the corpse is showcased in a box

my body consumed in the fire

modeling a suit and tie

heaping mound of ash and bone

remarks on his appearance

strewn in scattered handfuls

friends sob as they amble by

delightful, soiled view of the sky

vehicles creep in slow procession

I feed the grass and tend to flowers

claustrophobic carriage ride

me lying on a mat of clover

in the backseat of a hearse

drinking in the evening rain

traffic stops for headlights

rushing toward the steepled pines

lowered deep into the mud

floating on the meadow wind

a few words of remembrance

birds singing courtly overhead

final time he will be viewed

I resurrect in every season

joining family who have died

now I finally feel alive

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