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  • Todd Wooten

Best Day Ever

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Today was the best day ever

bathed in water and chlorine

at Aunt Laura’s, open eyes burned

below the leg kicks of the twins

who love me, maybe a little too much

I bounced high from the board

that would not give and floated

above my reflected birthday presents

my yell so strong, bare feet

crashed through the surface

Today was the best day ever

explosions of colors rainbowed

the White House, my hands rubbed a

moon rock, a touch of space and

astronauts, shadowed by the

Washington Monument, its tip poking

at the screaming flares, walls of

quotes around Lincoln’s legs were

better than the obelisk

Today was the best day ever

motionless in Papa’s closet

painted with rage, cruel hide

and seek, you lost even when

you found me, deny it, that's ok

you know the truth down deep

like the hooks in my nostrils

and the red stains on my teeth

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